Kinestrata, whose roots mean,
"motion layers," is an fully mechanical, wall mounted, wooden marble machine. Via geared Lifter Rings, half inch stainless steel balls are carried from the bottom of Kinestrata up to the top, where they are released to roll down one of four unique tracks. As the balls race down, they choose tracks that curve, drop, zigzag, and chime. Upon reaching the tracks’ end, they are plucked by the Lifter Rings once again as they restart their journey.



Powered by a stainless steel weight and coupled with a pendulum, the Escapement is the heart of Kinestrata’s lifting mechanism. It regulates the timing of the Lifter Rings, allowing them to collect, lift, and release the stainless steel balls at a steady rate.

Track Switchers

Kinestrata’s three Track Switchers determine which path each ball will take. As a ball falls onto a Track Switcher, the Switcher’s orientation changes, sending the ball down one track while simultaneously readying itself to send the next ball down the other.


Lifter Rings

The array of Lifter Rings acts as a means of upward transport for the stainless steel balls. Carrying nearly a dozen at any one time to the top of Kinestrata, the Lifter Rings are linked together with gears and timed by the Escapement.


Using tapered tracks that curve through the inside of each Lifter Ring set, Kinestrata’s Hand-Offs transfer stainless steel balls from one Lifter Ring set to the next. As the lower Lifter Ring set pushes a ball up onto the tapered track, the higher Lifter Ring set takes hold to keep the ball moving upward.

Run Time
1 - 2 minutes

Woodworking Plans
63 pages
8.5" x 11"
9 pages
11" x 17"
72 pages

66 DXF files

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