Fescue is an elegantly simple kinetic wooden sculpture that has been carefully balanced. It rests in a static state, but when given a push, it spins and tumbles in a seemingly random and chaotic motion until it again reaches equilibrium and comes to rest. With its low part count and straightforward design, Fescue is the perfect weekend project.


Triple Compound Pendulum

Fescue’s meticulously placed pivots and weights give the sculpture both its resting form as well as its dynamic characteristics. Its three wooden blades are pendulums, each hung from a pivot stemming from the next blade. Without influence, Fescue balances perfectly in place. But with a gentle spin, it springs to life. With different masses and different periods of rotation, each blade influences the others as they sway and gyrate back to equilibrium.

Alternate Orientation

By moving a single part, Fescue’s personality changes. It’s gentle, sweeping gesture transforms into an upright, more aggressive stance.

Run Time
30 - 40 seconds

Woodworking Plans
16 pages
8.5" x 11"
3 pages
11" x 17"
19 pages

7 DXF files

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